CPAG looking for GPoW test cases.

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) have been examining the legal arguments surrounding the “Genuine Prospect of Work” (GPoW) test applied to EEA nationals, which the vast majority are failing to meet resulting in the loss of income based JSA and Housing Benefit.

CPAG have funding from the Strategic Legal Fund to support challenges to the test and are looking for test cases and have a barrister, Tom Royston, in Manchester who has expertise in this area of law.

CPAG are interested in hearing from you regarding cases which feature any of the following;

1. Are currently before the Upper Tribunal or awaiting permission to appeal to the UT;

2. Have been refused at First Tier Tribunal on the basis that the claimant did not have “compelling evidence”

3. Has been allowed by a First Tier Tribunal on the basis that the GPoW is unlawful

4. Has been allowed by the First Tier Tribunal on the basis the claimant has compelling evidence but the DWP have only awarded benefit for a time-limited period of 2 months from date of original decision. If you have a case which fits any of the above please email: with a description of the case (300 words) and if available, copies of the tribunal’s decision notice and statement of reasons.