More information on the abolition of Attendance Allowance as we know it.

You may recall the recent GMWRAG item on proposals to move responsibility for Attendance Allowance from the DWP to local authorities. This is such a radical proposal many people dismissed it out of hand when it was first publicised in December 2015 but plans appear to be progressing apace and agencies are now responding in increasing numbers with their concern. GMWRAG members, who have seen Council Tax Benefit and the Social Fund devolved previously, know only too well how this will end in terms of budgets being top sliced/reduced/dissolving. The welcoming of these proposals by the LGA is another development older people and GMWRAG members will have shared concerns about.

Bearing all that in mind GMWRAG would like to invite members to sign up to the 38 degrees petition about what is described as the “abolition” of Attendance Allowance. This no longer seems such a dramatic phrase. You can find full details of the petition at 38 Degrees.

Do we really need to remind you that it’s probably not a good idea to use your work email address 🙂