New DWP postal addresses

Bless their little cotton socks. Our friends at the DWP have advised that they are modernising how they receive and process post by gradually transforming

“…the department’s paper led system to a modern, digital solution. This transformation has resulted in changes to office postal addresses and new details are provided to ensure that any correspondence is correctly addressed.”
We’re fairly confident we’ve seen this transformation before and it didn’t pan out especially well so it’s hard at present to see what is being “transformed”.
Anyway, you can see the full list of addresses here. Unfortunately it does not tell you which office deals explicitly with which geographical area so we’re not quite as transformed as we’d like to be.
Please note that DWP explicitly advise these addresses are not intended for sending items by courier post i.e. recorded or guaranteed delivery. If you wish to send items by any type of courier service please contact the receiving office to discuss options.