This post has no title. It was deliberate to get your attention.

GMWRAG did grovel slightly about posting a rare job vacancy on the 9th of September 2016 with a closing date of the 16th of September 2016. You can see our rare contrition and details of the post itself here and on our Job Vacancies pages.

We’re now going to walk the fine line between apologising further and laughing in your face by pointing out that the closing date for the above vacancy is actually the 26th of September 2016. We have amended our original post and amended the advert itself. Any attempt to describe this as “covering our tracks” will be strenuously denied. We’re not even going to tell you if this was our error but obviously that could never be the case 🙂

So, if you saw the advert here and managed to apply in time then “hahahaha, that was a wasted weekend wasn’t it!” well done you. If not, then you have a second opportunity.