Search GMWRAG has been searched for and found.

The Search GMWRAG functionA number of recent changes to GMWRAGs presence on t’internet were detailed, explained and approved at the last GMWRAG meeting in Trafford. Details of these will be posted in due course. However, in passing, a GMWRAG member noted that the facility to search the site had disappeared. This was not intentional and appears to have been an accidental dragging and dropping of the wrong widget to the wrong place. Rest assured it has now been dragged back; thoroughly told off and is back in action. The above screenshot shows the restored search functionality just below the box on the right of every page where you can subscribe to this site.

Sadly the return of this almost magical functionality does not mean you’ll be able to find the legendary missing Oldham minutes; the disproportionate number of minutes we were promised from Manchester (well, two!) and the equally legendary “off the record” section 🙂