The Safeguarding Adults presentation from the GMWRAG meeting at Trafford is now available for download.

The excellent Louise Tanner presentation on Safeguarding Adults and how this links in with the work of welfare rights advisers is now available for download from here. This was presented at the recent Trafford GMWRAG meeting.

Questions were asked on the day about Safeguarding Adults Reviews. As yet there is nothing obvious available in Manchester but it appears most local authorities reference Pan London. The Safeguarding Adult Review chapter is pages 34-39 – and has more information on SAR’s (what they can do, how they work, etc.) than we knew existed!

In the meantime there have been some important updates to one of the threads on Rightsnet talking about exactly this subject. You can find this at

Minutes of the Trafford meeting will follow in due course. This will not be today as our aged fingers are tired now.