Job vacancies on GMWRAG becoming a recurring theme?

It has been some time since job vacancies were a regular thing on the GMWRAG web site. We’re not quite there yet but it looks like we’ve found the tunnel if not yet a light at the end of it. In the meantime…


People are facing greater and greater hardship as a result of cuts in benefits, homelessness, uncertainty at work, and escalating racism. Legal aid – which is an essential part of the welfare state – has been cut again and again. The people most in need across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester are being deprived of access to justice.

Greater Manchester Law Centre has been set up as a clear challenge to this. We now have premises (the main Princess Road in inner city Moss Side) and volunteers providing some legal advice (welfare rights, with sessional solicitors offering more widely).

We have been generously supported by two national charitable trusts to appoint a Supervising Solicitor so that we can become a “law centre” (full member of the Law Centres Network) and start to supervise and regulate all our advice and representation.

We are looking for a truly tremendous person (or possibly a job share) to make the law centres policy demands and fulfill our service delivery aims.

This will be a three year post (in the first instance) and requires someone who is able to start up the paid work force from almost scratch. Anyone who is interested is invited to contact or in the first instance (for informal inquiries and information).

Formal applications will need to be made by 12.00pm (noon) on Monday the 7th of November 2016 and we are hoping that interviews will be able to be held in Manchester within the next 10 days after that.

Further details available on and details of the post can also be found on our Job Vacancies page up to the expiry date. After that you can always find details of what has been advertised here at our previous job vacancies archive.

[*Currently this is “Greater Manchester Law Centre Steering Group” – full membership of the Law Centres Network is to be considered at their next meeting in November 2016]