Cathy – Forum Theatre Tour 2017 – “Settled… Until suddenly you’re not…”

Settled …. Until suddenly you’re not…

Candid, poignant and intimate, this four star hit new play (The Stage, The Upcoming & The Reviews Hub) by award winning playwright Ali Taylor (Cotton Wool, OVERSPILL, Fault Lines) offers a timely reflection on the social and personal impact of spiralling housing costs, gentrification and the challenges of the forced relocation away from London.

Acclaimed Theatre Company Cardboard Citizens presents this powerful and emotive Forum Theatre show, exploring resonances in today’s society with the story told in the ground-breaking Ken Loach film, Cathy Come Home, 50 years ago.

Forum Theatre is an interactive style of theatre which empowers the audience to change the outcome – every show is a unique experience. After watching the play, you’ll have the chance to voice your opinion and offer ideas which might change the course of the characters’ lives. Or, if you choose, just sit back and watch as the story is rewritten live in front of your eyes.

Find out more about the show in Ali Taylor’s interview with The Evening Standard.

Cathy is appearing at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester between the 12th and 14th of January 2017. You can book now online or ring the Box Office on 0161 833 9833.

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