Ooh look. GMWRAG has remembered that we’re supposed to have meetings.

You may have been wondering what on earth happened to the first scheduled GMWRAG meeting of 2017 back in March. As ever, we’ve had to do a little rejigging and as a consequence of that we are pleased to announce that our first meeting of 2017 will take place at the (almost) height of summer in sunny Stockport courtesy of our friends at Stockport Advice (or Benefits Appeal Help as they now appear to be known!). An agenda will be cobbled together circulated in due course. If members have any priorities for speakers please let us know asap via @GMWRAGTweets.

The minutes of the last meeting, which took place in Tameside in December 2016, can still be downloaded from here.

In the meantime all you need to know is that the meeting is our new style “clandestine” meeting :).

In order to get into our exclusive club you will need to make your way to Fred Perry House where you will be hooded and escorted to the depths of Stopford House, otherwise known as “next door”. Special tokens and a magic password will need to be ordered in advance in order to give each of you a sticker with your name on to say that, yes, you are a part of the show.

We will, as ever, cast open the doors with a dramatic swoosh and maybe a very large gong at 9:30am for lukewarm coffee, tea from an urn down the corridor, cold water and stale biscuits. Oh yeah, and networking. Is that still a thing? The meeting itself will commence at 10:00am and will run to 4:00pm with a break for lunch if you ask nicely and play well.

GMWRAG hopes our members are able to discern fact from “fake news” in the above paragraphs. Agenda to follow.