A quick reminder about the first GMWRAG meeting of 2018 in Salford.

We confirmed back in October 2017 that the next GMWRAG meeting would take place in Salford on Friday the 19th of January 2018. The meeting will take place in committee room 3 of the old town hall in Swinton (M27 5FJ). It will be a full day meeting. Minutes of the last meeting in Oldham have long since been posted in the usual place and we ask members to print off and bring your own copies. The agenda is almost finalised and will be published imminently. We were hoping to have two speakers but both have had to drop out due to circumstances beyond their control. We have secured one excellent replacement but we’re still working on getting a second speaker so we’ll publish as soon as we know we have that sorted one way or another.

Many of you will have been to Swinton before and recognise there are considerable difficulties in securing parking, especially if needed for the day. For this reason GMWRAG urges attendees to either car share or use public transport. There is public transport information available at https://www.salford.gov.uk/council-buildings-and-venues/how-to-find-us but we have alerted Salford to the fact much of this out of date. Some options have improved (electric car charging) and some have not (parking generally).

Salford is well served by public transport with a train station less than 10 minutes walk from the civic centre and buses coming past the civic centre on Chorley Road and Partington Lane on a regular basis. Guided busway and other buses also go down the East Lancs. Road and drop off less than 10 minutes walk from the civic centre. You could even Park and Ride from Wardley a couple of stops on a V1 or V2 bus to Worsley Road in Swinton.

To the best of our knowledge there are no train or bus strikes on the day of the meeting but please keep checking https://www.northernrailway.co.uk/strike and https://www.tfgm.com in case anything changes. Also be aware that the roads remain exceptionally busy at this time of year and Swinton is a particular blockage for road travel. Please allow extra time for travel so that we can start the meeting on time.

Anyway, the agenda should be out at the start of next week at the very latest and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Salford.