Almost certainly bound to end in tears but…

GMWRAG has been asked to provide an updated version of one of the presentations at our Everyday Equality event. This is the sort of thing which always goes wrong when we inevitably link a file to the wrong presentation but we’re going to give it a go anyway.

So, if you head over to our “Presentations and notes from GMWRAG meetings”   page (which can be found on the sub menu* for “Our meetings”) you will find that clicking on the presentation titled “EHRC presentation on “Strategic work, past, present, future” by Francine Morris.” will now give you a revised version of the presentation which that link served up right up until today. The previous version is no longer available so if you have downloaded it since the 1st of February 2019 (and we know that more than 300 of you have) then please download the new version from the link above.

* “sub menu” – a sub-menu (we know some of you still struggle with using web sites and IT in general) is a menu which only appears when you hover your mouse** over another menu. So, hover your mouse over our meetings menu and a sub menu with 5 items will appear. 1 of those is the Presentations menu. Double click that.

** “hover your mouse” – actually means “hover your mouse pointer”. If you hover your mouse then, weirdly, it stops working and people will generally think you’re an oaf!