To boldly go where no man has gone before (ish!)! Yes, it’s a GMWRAG meeting and a GMWRAG GM UC Forum.

GMWRAG is pleased to announce the venue for our next a.m. GMWRAG GM UC Forum and p.m. GMWRAG meeting.

Now, you might not unreasonably have concluded from that heading that, yes, we’ve abandoned Bolton and we’re going to torture you with Oldham in January once again but, no, you’d be wrong.

We have been unable to find a suitable venue in Bolton but we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that we can in fact return to a part of GM where GMWRAG, if not exactly a stranger, certainly hasn’t been seen since at least 1997. Indeed our current minutes page sadly shows not a single entry for… (small fanfare played by people currently fighting the windy weather in order to stand upright)… Bury.

Yes, you read that right. GMWRAG is going to Bury.

Now, somewhere under the “GMWRAG desk” there are boxes of “things” yet to be scanned and uploaded to this site. We’re sure that amongst them we will find (and no doubt go all misty eyed about) the minutes from our last visit to Bury. We’re fairly confident it was the mid-1990s though and Andrew Grealey would have been Principal Officer (Welfare Rights) with Don Williams lurking to one side.

So, anyway, the next GMWRAG GM UC Forum will take place at Citizens Advice Bury with a 9:30am cocktails networking/refreshments for 10:00am start. We’ll aim for a 12:30pm finish.

The p.m. only GMWRAG meeting will open at 1:30pm for cocktails networking/refreshments for a 2:00pm start and a 4:00pm finish.

Please note that the address for the day is

Citizens Advice Bury and Bolton
St Johns House, 155-163 The Rock
Manchester BL9 0ND

Although it says Manchester we think (and the post code suggests) it is very much in Bury (and most definitely not in Bolton).

Our (shivering) man in the north suggests that “Walking from central Bury you will pass the Wilko store on your left, continue towards the junction and we will be on your left in front of the Viet Village restaurant.”.

Our man in the north completely forgot to tell us which way you actually walk from central Bury or that there’s 10 Wilko’s in Bury but more than 20 years after our last visit we’re confident that modern developments like post codes; sat nav; Google Maps (and even Apple Maps) will get you there. Since we were last there they’ve also invented buses and trams (possibly).

So, no excuses, in line with our recent tendency to geographical waywardness the Bolton GMWRAG will most definitely be in Bury and, er, we forgot the date didn’t we…

Ahem, this will all take place fairly quickly on Friday the 28th of February 2020.

As yet we have no speaker confirmed for the p.m. meeting but agenda for both meetings will be published as soon as we can.