Terry Patterson

It is with deep regret that we start the year by sharing the tragic news of Terry Patterson’s untimely and unexpected passing over the festive period. 

Terry played a massive role in Welfare Rights work in Manchester and beyond, and was a huge contributor to GMWRAG for many years.  He blazed a trail in take-up work, provided memorable and entertaining training, and was committed to policy work, as well as battling to maintain Manchester Advice against budget cuts.

He was a perceptive and intelligent contributor to our meetings, and could be relied on to ask searching questions and raise awareness of issues about social welfare.

As the North West representative he has been described as ‘one of the driving forces behind NAWRA’.

He worked on the editorial board of the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, and as social security adviser to the LGA.

He was also a sociable and popular friend and colleague, and was always entertaining and engaging company in and out of work.

Condolences to his family, and the many people affected by his passing.

GMWRAG simply won’t be the same without him.