Access 2 Advice

Image from the 1st Access To Advice ConferenceWelcome to our new Access 2 Advice pages. We could have put this inside our Social Policy section but we think it deserves a section of its own.

As a campaigning organisation of long-standing GMWRAG wholeheartedly supports and shares the aims of Access 2 Advice as their issues impact on all our members; their clients and potential clients. We’re not sure whether it’s “2” or “To” yet but it doesn’t matter. Someone else can decide whether it’s the “People’s Front Of Judea” or the “Judean People’s Front”. What does matter is that you keep checking in on this page as these issues impact on us all.

Advice services are in crisis.
A threefold change is causing a crisis to the provision of free legal advice. This has driven the creation of Access 2 Advice.
  • Legal Aid is being cut in April 2013 for many areas of social welfare law, including housing, employment, benefits, debt and immigration.
  • Many advice organisations, both in the voluntary and public sectors, are facing further funding cuts and reductions in their services.
  • At the same time major changes have started to the welfare benefits system and a range of other social rights and will gather pace in the next two years.
These changes will cause severe hardship for a great many people, with the greatest impact on the most vulnerable groups. The cuts in advice services are coming at the worst possible time, as the need for advice massively increases.
If you want to know what we’re about and why it matters please have a look at the following video.