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Please note: GMWRAG is an umbrella organisation for welfare rights advisers in the Greater Manchester area. We do not give advice ourselves and we cannot recommend individual services. Wherever possible we have linked to member organisations web sites. Please have a look at our Advice in Manchester links on the right side of each page within the site.

We have a small self-help section, which will build up over time, however, there is no intention to replicate the many excellent sources of advice available online. We have focused on those things we think are important but harder to find than they ought to be e.g. appeal forms.

If you have an enquiry about the next GMWRAG meeting please check the “Our Meetings” section for general information and carefully review the posts on our home page for further information. If you cannot see posts about the details of the next meeting this simply means we haven’t finalised the details. All posts about meeting are “stickied” i.e. kept near the top of the home page, until the meeting date has passed. A number of people have told us they cannot see new posts when they go to the site. This appears to be because they have bookmarked/favourited a previous post rather than the home page itself.

If you subscribe to the site using the Email Subscription link on the right of each page you will receive an email every time we post something new on the site home page and will always receive details of the next meeting and a lot more. The emails you receive when we post contain the full text of posts as we are aware that a number of members cannot access the site itself in their workplaces. We have noted that some people follow the blog rather than subscribe but it’s easier for us if you subscribe as we get to veto anything which looks like spam. For this reason we have turned off the “Follow” button unless you’re already a WordPress user and logged in. We would prefer members to subscribe.

Media or training enquirers, including previous contacts, should follow @GMWRAGtweets on Twitter and DM us.