GMSCG news.

Welcome to the new GMSCG news page. This is a new addition to our micro-site within the GMWRAG web site and it will initially enable us to post up new information about work being done on judicial reviews; Human Rights Act challenges and Equality Act 2010 discrimination challenges in the sphere of welfare rights.

NEWS – last updated on the 20th of July 2018.

Greater Manchester Strategic Casework Group members Sian Jordan and Jo Chimes recently went to the Welfare Conditionality conference in York  and presented a paper. The PowerPoint presentation and the paper itself have kindly been made available to GMWRAG and we think they are well worth sharing, particularly in the context of the approach being advocated by GMSCG itself. The conference website also has the slides and paper along with lots of other really great presentations which are well worth a read.

In the meantime have a read of

A rights based approach to conditionality – the presentation.

A human rights based approach to conditionality – the paper.

and lets not forget the fantastic Welfare Conditionality site itself.

Those of you with an ongoing interest can follow the work @EqualityACRH on Twitter as well as Jo herself @chimesjo.