Presentations to the group

February 2020 – A list of phone numbers for the Disability Employment Advisers,

February 2020 – DWP JCP escalation routes. GMWRAG (we don’t mind typing that out in full each time :)) was advised by “them” that each page of the escalation routes has identical wording, but there is a page for each Jobcentre area with the relevant contact details on it. There. We’ve told you. We suspect you’ll be more irritated and confused by the failure to scan things in upright. GMWRAG is not in the business of blame (well not unless you know who!) but we can say with confidence it was “them” not us.

February 2020 – An updated list of advice surgeries for the EU Settlement Scheme (the subject of our meeting in November.).

November 2019 – a further copy of the EUSS presentation made at the recent GMWRAG meeting. We’ve not checked for updates. We’re sure (ish) there must be some.

November 2019 – a copy of the list of advice points in GM for this thorny issue.

November 2019 – a quick guide to referring to EUSS.

November 2019 – the Europia leaflet on services for Eastern European victims of hate crime.

November 2019 – a list of evidence to bring to your appointment re: settled status.

May 2019 – Handouts – including “Supported Housing and Universal Credit”‘ “Bedroom Tax Differences between UC and HB” and “UC Housing Costs”.

May 2019 – Multiple example letters – all covering various aspects of UC and housing costs.

May 2019 – Universal Credit Housing Costs slides.

May 2019Universal Credit True of False quiz.

July 2018 – Claiming the mobility component of PIP for people with mental health conditions.

May 2018 – Checklist for a Universal Credit claim.

May 2018 – University of Manchester recruitment poster for research study on with people who have asked for support with housing from the Council and been offered accommodation outside of the city of Manchester.

May 2018 – Homelessness, Health and Housing – report on participatory action research in East London.

May 2018 – MMU presentation on “The uses of online provisions for mental healthcare support”.

January 2018 “Understanding Psychosis” presentation from Manchester Early Intervention Team. 

November 2017 – DWP responses to key questions on Universal Credit.

May 2017 – Right To Reside Notes from Dan Manville (Wolverhampton Welfare Rights).

May 2017Guidance for adults with “No Recourse to Public Funds”.

January 2015The Equality Act 2010 and discrimination in the welfare benefits system.

July 2014 – National Housing Federations Universal Credit presentation

January 2014 – Stephensons Housing Team

January 2014 – DWP Operational Stakeholder Engagement Forum – Complaints Process

January 2014 – DWP Operational Stakeholder Engagement Forum – Universal Credit

January 2014 – DWP Operational Stakeholder Engagement Forum – DWP appeals