The “Greater Manchester Fuel Liaison Meeting/Public Utilities” Group

It wasn’t clear at first that this was a GMWRAG sub-group until we came across one specific document from September 1988 and a subsequent letter which confirmed it was. We may have concluded this anyway given that membership consisted of the great and the good who would have attended GMWRAG meetings at the time. However, in compiling this archive a common theme has emerged. Few people are still around who can recall the precise origins of these things!

It looks like the group was brought together by Alaster Calder who was then at Oldham Welfare Rights and last spotted somewhere called Surrey writing letters to The Guardian. The group came together on the 23rd of May 1985 and thus far we’ve managed to locate records that take us up to the 15th of May 1990. Please remember that any factual inaccuracies contained within are entirely down to the fact that we are too young to remember the 1980s :).

Once again, if you can fill in the gaps, please let us know.

Public Utilities Group Meeting – May 1990

Public Utilities Group Meeting – April 1990

Fuel Advisor Group Meeting – September 1988

Fuel Liaison Group Meeting – August 1985

Fuel Liaison Policies Meeting – May 1985