How to become a trainer for GMWRAG

Jim McGouganIf you would like to provide training on behalf of GMWRAG please contact GMWRAG and let us know what you’re able to provide. It may be within the scope of some of the courses we think would be a priority or it might be something not on our list but with an audience you’ve already identified.

GMWRAG has always operated on the basis that we charge an amount for courses that allows:

  • the trainer to cover the costs of course provision.
  • an amount for expenses.
  • the balance to go to GMWRAG.

In order to avoid ambiguity about charges we have agreed that as of April 2013 we intend to charge

  • £650 for a full day of training.
  • £400 for a half day of training.

These figures will allow either £350 or £200 to the trainer with approximately £100 for expenses. The balance will ordinarily be agreed as a donation to GMWRAG.

If organisations can provide a venue, refreshments and/or photcopying or other facilities then there may be scope for variation on the above figures. Agencies outside of Greater Manchester may need to factor in travel expenses and overnight accommodation.

We will also provide trainers with a template based document for recording the cost of each aspect of training so we have full transparency on costs and accountability to members.

That man up top? He was a top quality GMWRAG trainer back in the day. We offer no money back guarantees that our sweaters have improved since then though 🙂