Consultation on supported housing.

This has, to say the least, rumbled on for a good few years, but we are now at the stage when another attempt to resolve it has been suggested. So, the Department for Communities and Local Government and Department for Work and Pensions have now published a new consultation on the detail of the future funding model for supported housing from April 2019. This will obviously be hugely significant for a number of our members.

The consultation lasts for 12 weeks from the 21st of November 2016 until the closing date of Monday the 13th of February 2017. Everything you need to know can be found at

At the same time the government has published the evidence review of supported accommodation in Great Britain.

Queries and responses can be sent via email to or you can write to the Department for Communities and Local Government, Supported Housing Programme, Fry Building, 3rd Floor, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF

Launch of review into Council Tax support.

GMWRAG members will be filled with seasonal joy at the announcement from the Department of Communities and Local Government of an independent review into

  • how local Council Tax local support schemes are working across the country;
  • what it has meant for people receiving the support; and
  • whether it should be part of Universal Credit in the future.

We won’t bore you with all the details. You can find everything you need to know on the DCLG site.The terms of reference can be found here.

The main things we think GMWRAG members need to know are

  1. The review is taking place.
  2. The mention of of Council Tax Support being incorporated into Universal Credit.
  3. The consultation ends of the 12th of January 2016.

So, don’t be distracted by all that festive jollity thing. Start writing your responses now. It’s hard to imagine any GMWRAG member having nothing to say about the idea of CTS going into UC!

If any members are ahead of us on this and can provide a copy of their response we’ll happily share it to make everyone’s life easier.