And after one slow post comes along, here comes another.

The Manchester Money Advice Group have announced their meeting dates for 2020. Venues and speakers to no doubt be confirmed. Whilst not all MAG meetings are GMWRAG members it’s obvious that the overlap between debt and welfare rights gets larger by the year so we will be endeavouring to keep you up to date with MAG events from this point forward.

Anyway, the dates for your diaries are

Wednesday the 4th of March 2020.

Tuesday the 2nd of June 2020.

Friday the 11th of September 2020.

Tuesday the 8th of December 2020.

The first GMWRAG member to mutter a question about why can’t we have our meetings of different days of the week will be taken outside and spoken to. We’ve had that debate repeatedly over the years and the outcome is always the same. No-one can agree a “better” day for “most” people who want to attend and so we stick with Friday.

The Money Advice Trust wants to hear from debt advisers about what it’s like on the frontline

GMWRAG is aware that many of our members work for organisations which offer debt advice as well as welfare rights advice.

A new research project has launched today looking at how the debt advice sector supports people in vulnerable situations. Conducted by University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) in partnership with the Money Advice Trust and the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute and grant funded by the Money Advice Service, the research involves a large scale survey of UK debt advisers’ experiences with vulnerability and advice.

Central to the research is the gathering of first hand experiences of front line debt advisers, who are often working with people with complex needs such as serious illness, or wider life events like substance addictions or gambling problems.

Any organisations that provide debt advice and are interested in participating in the survey can register at:

New research on debt advice and vulnerability launched

THE FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE AND ADVICEUK working together with community advice workers.

This is a free event from AdviceUK and the Financial Ombudsman Service aimed at managers and advisers in advice services.  The morning session will be led by the Financial Ombudsman Service and will cover its purpose, how it helps the public and why it’s relevant to advisers – in particular where the ombudsman can step-in with regards to clients financial hardship and debt. The afternoon session will be led by AdviceUK and will focus on data protection in your organisation, the law and upcoming developments, what information you store and how you use it.

The event will be held at Nationwide offices in Manchester city centre.  It is free but numbers are limited – priority will be given to AdviceUK members.

Please have a look at the attached agenda if you are interested, and complete the booking form and send to who will advise on availability.