The next GMWRAG meeting is in Manchester in June.

Welsh football teamGMWRAG previously advised that our next meeting would be in Manchester in June. This is correct but the date we gave you was not. We said the meeting was taking place on Thursday the 16th of June 2016. It is not. It is also entirely our error. This will be a relief to those of you interested in football who will no longer need to send your apologies because you’ve sneaked off work to watch the England v Wales game on the Thursday.

The meeting takes place on Friday the 17th of June 2016. It will be a full day meeting and, all being well, there should be at least one speaker. You’ll only be missing Italy v Sweden.

The minutes of our last meeting have been available for some time but if you haven’t spotted the post about that then you can find them on our meetings pages.

As it stands. it remains the case that we find ourselves in the unusual position of needing to ask members for an indication as to who will be attending the meeting so passes can be issued in advance for visitors. We are checking out whether we can herd you into one meeting place and take you through security but, in the meantime, members should “Contact GMWRAG” to confirm attendance where you can. The two of you who contacted us to say you could attend the Thursday meeting… well we hope you can make the Friday.