Tidying up October. The housekeeping email and a short notice invite from PLP.

GMWRAG would like to thank all those involved in the organisation of the recent meeting in Trafford which can officially be designated the best attended in our history. On that basis we’d also like to thank those who attended and participated for the whole day. The minutes of the meeting have already been received and, as anyone who attended could imagine, there is a lot of detail to take in. GMWRAG is conscious that we may have missed some questions to Neil Couling and some answers so before publication of the final minutes we’re asking members to send in any notes you took on the day. So this doesn’t run on for too long please email us at GMWRAG at Hotmail dot co dot UK no later than Friday the 9th of November 2018.

Preparations for the January 2019 meeting in Tameside/central Manchester are at an advanced stage and we’ll publicise those as soon as we can. Rumours that Esther McVey will be in attendance can (largely) be discounted. We’re saving her for Stockport 🙂

In the meantime, could any GMWRAG members who attended the recent Manchester Tribunal User Group meeting please email any notes taken as regards who attended from HMCTS and details of any questions and answers.

This leads us on neatly to a short notice but really important invitation from the Public Law Project.

Previous GMWRAG speaker (and the first person to be streamed live from a GMWRAG meeting) Matthew Ahluwalia would like to invite a GMWRAG member to a presentation, debate and discussion on online courts and tribunals and HMCTS’ digitalisation programme. PLP is organising the event.

PLP will provide some reading material in advance and make a presentation to start the discussion. They will then invite questions, comments and concerns inviting those present to share their views, and discuss their own work that may involve or be affected by the digitalisation programme.

If there are particular issues about online courts and the reform programme you would like discussed, please let them know and we will try to allocate some time on the agenda.

Time, date and location: 2.30pm to 4.30pm, Friday 9th November, at Herbert Smith Freehills, Exchange House, Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EG.

This event will be free of charge. Please note however that there is the offer of just the one place for one GMWRAG member.

Please could you RSVP by 2nd November so that we can confirm numbers with the venue. In order to keep this manageable we suggest you email GMWRAG or DM us via @GMWRAGTweets and we’ll pass on the details of the first contact we have to Matt.

Blackburn Tug(ay).

We think that’s the most sophisticated football pun we’ve ever used in a GMWRAG post title but what do we know.

Anyways… GMWRAG has been advised that the next Tribunal User Group (TUG) meeting for the Blackburn area is listed to take place on Monday the 6th of March 2017 at 10:00am.

For the purposes of clarity this TUG will cover issues for the Blackburn, Bury, Rochdale, Bolton and Burnley venues.

The meeting will take place on the second floor of Soho Foundry, Cicely Lane, Blackburn BB1 1HQ. Perhaps someone from Blackburn could explain to GMWRAG why the Tribunals Service have missed out the first line of the above address from their communications? For those of you wondering it’s  “DWP – NORTH WEST GOR 03”.

A Google of the post code should show you where you’re going. It’s easy enough and it looks remarkably like a factory/workhouse.

You need to let the Tribunals Service know if you’re attended. If you haven’t been notified of the meeting by post then you will need to contact Sandy Barnes, Clerk to the Tribunal on 0151 243 1451. Questions will need to be submitted in advance and the clerk is also the route for that as far as we can ascertain.

Finally, please note that GMWRAG is aware that this must mean other TUGs are being listed. We haven’t had our invites so, if you have, especially for the Manchester TUG, please let us know asap.

Well that didn’t take long. TUGs part two.

Indeed that didn’t take long at all. A fine upstanding GMWRAG member has emailed us almost immediately after our first TUG post and confirmed that the Tribunal User Group covering Blackburn, Bury, Rochdale, Bolton and Burnley will be held on Monday the 14th of March 2016 at 10:00am at Blackburn HMCTS, 2nd Floor, Soho Foundry, Cicely Lane, Blackburn, BB1 1HQ.

As stated previously, in view of recent announcements on court closures and plans for wholesale reform of tribunals GMWRAG is (sort of) pleased to announce that we have received an invitation.Oh, er, actually we haven’t… but you know what we mean. One of our members has.

Once again please note that you are expected to submit questions in advance. We don’t have a copy of the relevant form but you could always improvise and use the one we posted up and label it clearly as for this meeting.

Incidentally, we have no idea if that is actually Soho Foundry but the big G search says it is so it must be true.