Energy Efficiency Training for Frontline Workers.

Energy Projects Plus have funding at present to deliver training sessions for frontline workers (staff and/or volunteers) who engage with potentially vulnerable residents. This is part of this year’s Big Energy Saving Networkproject. They’re one of the “regional leads”, along with Groundwork Manchester.

This project covers all of the Northwest of England, so can be delivered as far north as Carlisle.

The offer is a 1 hour session looking at the solutions to fuel poverty. It’ll cover switching tariffs and applying for additional support, such as Warm Home Discount, ECO funding for boilers, and the Priority Services Register.

Please feel free to pass this along to any contacts you feel may benefit. Details are in the PDF. Funding need to be spent by the end of March so move fast.

Minutes of the GMWRAG meeting in Bolton plus presentation.

The minutes of the last GMWRAG meeting, held at Bolton at Home, are now available for download. Additionally, you can view the presentation from Amanda Phillips, Priority Service Lead at United Utilities here and both items will be permanently available in their usual locations within the site.

The next GMWRAG meeting is scheduled for Manchester late on in sunny June but dates, venues and speakers have yet to be finalised so we’ll publicise that information as soon as we have it.

Agenda for this weeks GMWRAG meeting in Bolton.

The agenda for the next GMWRAG meeting this Friday in Bolton is now finally available for download.

The minutes of the last meeting remain available for download. Please print and bring your own copy as GMWRAG hosts have long ceased to have funding to cover the expense of printing copies and we can’t guarantee how many will be available on the day.

We are still awaiting confirmation of a p.m. speaker on Support for Mortgage Interest so we have kept a slot open for them. If this does not materialise then attendees may rest assured that the intention is that the meeting would finish earlier than usual. Anyone who attempts to fill any subsequent dead space with talking will of course be given a severe talking to (for a very short period obviously) :).

Please note that we have been advised by Bolton At Home that parking on site is severely restricted. Therefore members are asked to arrive as early as you can as you may need to secure parking elsewhere in the locality.

GMWRAG meeting in Bolton this Friday.

For those of you, like us, who are wondering what happened to the next GMWRAG meeting we can confirm it’s going ahead as planned this Friday and most of what you need to know can be found at

An agenda will be published in the next 24/48 hours. We’re sorry about the lateness of this but we’re waiting on a 2nd speaker to confirm their attendance. We are already in a position to confirm that our a.m. speaker will be Amanda Phillips who is Priority Services Lead for United Utilities and will be talking about

  • their Priority Services scheme.
  • who they can help, and,
  • details on our affordability tariffs.

Some of you may already be aware that United Utilities have already put something in place re: helping Universal Credit claimants. More of that on the day also.

We’re hoping that our second speaker will be talking about Support for Mortgage Interest but we’ll let you know as soon as we have anything positive to report.