Work, health and disability: consultation – least exciting consultation title ever.

GMWRAG members with a long memory may recall a consultation about closing the disability employment gap, which we publicised back in March 2016. This went nowhere as the government rethought their plans.

The consequences of that rethink are that a new consultation has been issued with the distinctly unsexy title of “Work, Health and Disability”. and the consultation questions are part of the new Green Paper on Improving Lives, which can be found at

The consultation opened on the 31st of October 2016 but does not close until the 17th of February 2017, so plenty of time to ponder and write for once. Whether this is a reflection of a desire to get this right or of it not being top of anyone’s list GMWRAG will leave you to decide but in the meantime you’ll need to have a look at the consultation page and the 45 questions being asked. The consultation contents can be found at Please read this as the 45 questions are detailed and will take time to answer properly.

This is a potentially important consultation and we hope many GMWRAG members will choose to put something together. If you do so please feel free to DM GMWRAG via Twitter and share your submission if you think it will help others.