The Work Capability Assessment Action Group.

WCA Action Group logoThe Work Capability Assessments Action Group is an alliance of organisations and individuals who uphold the rights and dignity of disabled adults and people with mental health problems and opposes their discrimination and harassment.

We share vital information, offer guidance to those preparing for interviews or appeals, listen to their stories and actively campaign for change in the WCA system.

Six organisations working in the areas of advice, health and well-being and disability issues have joined our WCA Action Group so far. They include

1. Europia – a newly established voluntary organisation which is encouraging positive relationships between European nationals and local communities
2. Manchester Alliance for Community Care – the voluntary and community sector support and infrastructure organisation for the city of Manchester
3. Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People – is totally controlled and led by disabled people in order to promote their integration and independence
4. Breakthrough UK Ltd – a social enterprise delivering services to promote the independence of disabled people and to uphold their rights and responsibilities.
5. Greater Manchester Welfare Rights Advice Group – which supports welfare rights advisers and promotes health, well-being and good practice in advice work
6. Access to Advice – a consortia of advice agencies in Greater Manchester which is campaigning for publicly funded legal advice on social welfare issues

Many other individuals and organisations attend and contribute to our meetings.