Our meetings

GMWRAG holds meetings four or five times a year around the Greater Manchester area on the third Friday of the month. Given the pressures on the public sector none of this is written in stone. Five local authorities take the lead on this. Other organisations are welcome to offer to host at any time.

Prior to the creation of this web site, details of the next GMWRAG meeting were available for members of our email and postal mailing list but GMWRAG members who were able to attend meetings tended to rely almost exclusively upon the memory of one John Ball; his diary and his uncanny recall of who was hosting next.

The mailing list is no more (in any format) and members can now stay completely up to date by either checking in periodically to this page or, easier still, subscribing to the site and receiving an email detailing all new posts.

The schedule for 2018 onwards is as follows:

January 2019 – Tameside.

April 2019 – Stockport.

June 2019 – Oldham.

October 2019 – Salford.

January 2020 – Bolton.

April 2020 – Manchester.

June 2020 – Trafford.

Meetings will usually take place over a full day (consisting of a morning and afternoon meeting) and speakers will be on the agenda wherever practicable.

Also in this section you will hopefully find everything you need to know about GMWRAG meetings including

The single most important thing you will of course need at a GMWRAG meeting is… biscuits.

Whilst biscuit discussions are always dangerous territory, please understand, this is much more important than having a room; a good speaker or even coffee and tea. The great biscuit wars, and discussions of which geographical area is the meanest or most generous or most chocolatey, have resonated down the years and entered GMWRAG folklore. Beware also the terrible error of only having enough biscuits for the morning meeting! Years of Siberian cold-shouldering await any host committing this most basic of errors. Salix Homes provided a fine example of how to handle this delicate issue recently when they appeared willing to provide one packet of biscuits per person 🙂

Rumours that GMWRAG members will have to be lathered in butter to get through the doors at future meetings are strenuously denied. Anyway…

If you can think of anything that ought to be added to this section please let us know. If you have copies of any of the small number of minutes that we are currently missing please let us know and we will arrange to add them.