Meeting cancellation – number 1.

GMWRAG apologies for the delay in getting posts such as this out. We are aware that NWMHWRAG mailing list members will know this already but other GMWRAG members may not.

Unfortunately, this is the first of two cancellations we need to tell you about. We’re hopeful the second post will come out today but it’s entirely dependent upon factors outside our control at present.

As the restrictions due to Covid-19 are still in place, we need to cancel the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group meeting planned for the 29th of May 2020.

Our speaker, Susan Perry from DWP Disability Services, has agreed to rearrange for the 25th of September 2020.

We have a meeting scheduled for the 31st of July 2020. This will go ahead if restrictions have been lifted by then.

GMWRAG meetings part 2.

You may have been expecting the next GMWRAG post to be something about Covid-19. It is not (much).

Further to our recent post re: the next meeting of the NWMHWRAG we have been advised by Greater Manchester Law Centre via Twitter that they will “get the kettle on”. Better still the email which told us that all those complex instructions on how to get there – “press a buzzer and wait for someone to let you in.” – can be superseded as “The buzzer’s broke; just let yourselves in.”. We’re not sure this is the safest advice but go with it and see what happens.

GMWRAG takes no responsibility for people stood outside like lemons waiting for something to happen.

Those of you awaiting confirmation that the next GMWRAG meeting is cancelled will have to wait a little longer. At present, the meeting proceeds on the 15th of May 2020 albeit that our intended speaker @citizenbradshaw has been told to step down by his wife because he’s on holiday. Yes, you really did just read that correctly 🙂

A replacement speaker (also from Leigh Day) has been tentatively sorted by the kind Mr. Bradshaw so at present we’re all systems go for both the GM UC meeting and the pm GMWRAG meeting.

Make Yer Mind Up.

Sigh. No sooner had we put up this post than we’ve been advised that NWMHWRAG do in fact now have a speaker. GMWRAG is not of course in a position to comment having failed conspicuously to pull off a January meeting.

Julie Conneely, Disability Employment Adviser at Openshaw JobcentrePlus will be coming to speak.

Ends (or something).

Well, that’s all we’ve got folks.

The next meeting of the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group. We’re really sorry but we’re running out of original titles for these posts.

The next meeting of the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group will take place on Friday the 7th of February 2020.

Please arrive at 9.30am for a prompt start at 10am.

They don’t have a confirmed speaker for this meeting, so it will be an Information Exchange.

Please note change of usual date and venue.

There will be no meeting on the 31st of January 2020. That meeting has moved to the 7th of February 2020.

The meeting will be at Greater Manchester Law Centre at the Jain Centre, 667-669 Stockport Rd, Levenshulme, Manchester, M12 4QE.

Outmoded forms of transport: The centre is on the A6 between (little) Asda and Crowcroft Park. There is a car park at the centre.

Equally outmoded form of transport: You can get the train to Levenshulme. As you come out of the train station, turn left onto Albert Road, then turn left again at the T-junction with Stockport Road.

The Law Centre is a short walk north (i.e. towards the city centre) on your right shortly after you pass Asda.

Possibly franchised transport: Get on the 192 bus from Piccadilly Gardens. This is on the side of the Gardens as you’re walking towards the railway station. No need to worry about timetables. You’re more likely to be run over by one than miss one. The centre is on left as you head south out of town on the A6, between Crowcroft Park and (little) Asda.

The centre is the smaller of the two buildings. When you arrive you need to press a buzzer and wait for someone to let you in.

Volunteers are needed to chair the meeting and take minutes.

Slow off the mark again.

Well first of all a Happy New Year from GMWRAG. Yes, we know we’re slow off the mark but all the best things come to those who wait, or something like that.

We are also aware that a Bolton meeting ought to have taken place in December or early January. The brighter amongst you may have realised that ain’t happening but we’ll get “on it” whatever and wherever “it” might be as soon as we can.

In the meantime, in keeping with our general tardiness here are some minutes from the last NWMHWRAG meeting of 2019. Obviously also up permanently on their pages within the site.

NWMHWRAG meeting on “settled status”.

“Settled status” being the least “settled” thing GMWRAG has come across in some time we’re pleased to see that it wasn’t just us who invited Europia to speak. Following on from that last NWMHWRAG meeting we’re pleased to have received a number of documents for circulation. These are as follows:

These can all be found more permanently in the presentations page of the NWMHWRAG section of our website.

Another really boring “The next meeting of x will take place at y” type posting.

The next meeting of the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group will be at 9.30 for 10am on Friday the 29th November 2019 in the Community Room at Manchester Central Fire Station. Possibly not this one.

In a weirdly familiar twist for recent attendees of the Salford GMWRAG, the speaker will be GMWRAG member Norman Beverley. Nowadays Norman is Head of Advice Service at Europia and he’ll be coming along to give a comprehensive update on the European Settlement Scheme.

GMWRAG struggled at our recent Salford meeting as it didn’t take long for Norman of Europia to morph quietly in our heads to Lawrence of Euphoria by Skip Spence and now it’s stuck. We are now going to do similar damage to all of you. It’s not the most exciting video but it does have some of the greatest lyrics of all time (in our defence we did say “some”) and a mental health link too!

As it’s the last meeting before Christmas, the group will also be going “somewhere” nearby for lunch afterwards. We haven’t been given a postcode for “somewhere” but doing an internet search brought up some interesting results. We perhaps recommend turning “Safe Search” on in order to avoid arrest.

More details to follow nearer the time.

Future meeting dates for the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group.

The meeting dates for the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group for 2020 are:-

7th Feb 2020

27th March 2020

29th May 2020 

31st July 2020 

25th September 2020

 27th November 2020

Please note the change to the usual date in January – the room is not available in January 2020.

These dates will appear on the NWMHWRAG pages as soon as the opportunity arises.

All meetings are on Fridays at 9.30am for 10am for the morning only.