A new WR post advertised on GMWRAG for the first time in over a year.

Kindly direct yourselves to our job vacancies page and you’ll notice a small difference. An actual up to date new job vacancy where the closing date hasn’t expired and you can still apply.

It’s been a while. Brief details of the post are below.


Housing Systems Ltd
Welfare Benefits Adviser (2nd Tier Advice)
Organisation: Housing Systems Ltd
35 hours per week (but part-time applications considered)
£34,500 – £36,500 pa
Location: Broughton, Skipton, North Yorkshire (but remote working possible)

You can download the job description and find out more at . https://www.housingsystems.co.uk/Home/About-Us/Work-for-Us


Yes it’s actually happening

Next Friday

We’ve got another headline speaker booked too!

And an agenda!

We might even manage to take some minutes.


If you don’t want to bring your own biscuits, or even pinch the Law Centre’s email danmanville@gmlaw.org.uk with GMWRAG LINK in the subject and a link to Teams will should be forthcoming. A new team of elves leaves Dan not 100% whether it will work. If it doesn’t pester him.

Is that a meeting I see before me?

Blimey we might even have a meeting room.

It’s finally happening, GMWRAG is good to go, from 10am… in person (or remote if you’d prefer), on 2nd December at Greater Manchester Law Centre, 669 Stockport Rd, M12 4QE. We’ve got all day folks!

We’ve got Greater Manchester Coalition for Disabled People speaking about recent correspondence from everyone’s friend the new Minister for Disabled People

For those of us who would prefer not to smell our colleagues respective beverages (and biscuits… remember those?), then the astute might remember links were sent out for this meeting some time ago and they should still work. Otherwise email danmanville@gmlaw.org.uk with GMWRAG in the subject bar in the days before the meeting and by then Dan should have a new band of elves ready to entertain.

An agenda might be prepared in the coming days; watch this space.

GM Poverty Monitor launch.

This week has seen the launch of the Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor 2022. The Poverty Monitor reveals the scale of poverty across Greater Manchester and covers ten themes: Child poverty, debt, deprivation, educational attainment, fuel and food insecurity, health, homelessness, housing, social security and the labour market.

Key findings for the whole of Greater Manchester include:

  • Around 145,000 children are living in poverty, representing one in four children
  • The number of foodbanks and other providers supporting people on low incomes to meet basic food needs has doubled in 5 years
  • 181,588 households are experiencing fuel poverty, representing 15% of all households.
  • 195,000 workers earn less than the Real Living Wage of £9.90 an hour.

The Poverty Monitor is a unique resource for those seeking to tackle poverty in Greater Manchester. It does this by equipping stakeholders with the evidence base they need to tackle socio-economic disadvantage in their own activities, from policy development to service design, advocacy and campaigning.

The data is presented through a combination of charts, maps and tables. A number of the data visualisations are interactive, enabling users to identify the data that best meets their needs. Data is provided at a city region and local authority level and, where possible, at a more local level (i.e. electoral ward, middle support output area of lower super output area).

Explore the Poverty Monitor here

An important but quick update for this weeks NW MH WRAG meeting.

Full details for this weeks meeting remain as advertised previously on here in the post below this one or https://gmwrag.wordpress.com/2022/09/02/details-of-the-next-nw-mh-wrag-are-now-available for those of you who can’t find it.

Please note especially that the 2 speakers remain as advertised previously. Again, full details within the previous post or the link above.

However, the meeting is now “hybrid” i.e. the meeting remains as a face to face meeting but it has also been arranged so that if anyone can’t attend in person, they can join remotely via MS Teams.

Anyone wishing to obtain the link for remote attendance should email Helen Rogers before 4pm on Thursday the 29th of September 2022.

Details of the next NW MH WRAG are now available.

The next meeting of the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group will at 9.30am for 10am on Friday the 30th September 2022. It will be at the Royal British Legion, 5 Princess Street , Manchester, M2 4JW.

Speakers will be

  • Joanne Stubbs, DWP Partnership Manager for Trafford and
  • Helen Dyson, DWP Disability Employment Advisor Lead.

In order to get get an idea of numbers, please email Helen Rogers to let her know if you are intending to come. On the day you will need to ring Helen on her mobile in order to gain access. All contact details were included in the email to group members but won’t be posted on this site for security reasons. If you’re not a group member please Contact GMWRAG and we’ll happily put you in touch.

The NWMHWRAG minutes are now available.

As per the title, the minutes are now available for the July 2022 meeting. These can be found at the usual location. You will of course need the usual password if you’re not on the mailing list which receives the minutes directlly.

Sobering to read back through that page and realise that next year will be the 25th anniversary of this particular GMWRAG sub-group. An astonishing achievement given the many other sub-groups which have come and gone.

A quick reminder about the next meeting of the NW MH WRAG.

The next meeting of the North West Mental Health Welfare Rights Advisers Group will be Friday the 29th of July 2022 at 9.30am for a 10am start.

It will take place “in the flesh” at the Royal British Legion, 5 Princess Street , Manchester, M2 4JW.

There is no speaker this time, so the meeting will be an Information Exchange.

If you have trouble finding/accessing the venue, please contact Helen Rogers at Stockport. Mobile contact details have already been provided by email to existing members so we don’t intend to repeat those here but… come on, with apologies to GMWRAG members who score on PIP mobility activity 1… Google Maps for goodness sake. 

A sneaky late addition.

A late addition to the documents uploaded in consequence of the last NWMHWRAG meeting. Amongst the questions submitted in advance was a reference at 11a and b to Condition Insight Reports.

IAS have kindly provided a copy of theirs and also given permission for us to share it with GMWRAG members as they consider it a document they’re open to sharing with stakeholders on the basis that the contents derive from partnerships with stakeholders, specialists and their training department.

The document in question can be found in the Presentations sub page of the NWMHWRAG section of our site. We recommend all GMWRAG members have a look at the document in question as it brings into sharp relief the approach HCPs ought to have towards specific medical conditions and highlights a number of obvious omissions.

GMWRAG members with a special interest in those conditions which are not in the document may want, for example, to highlight the omissions to those charities representing those with those conditions. You may even want to offer corrections; updates etc.