The minutes of the Bolton GMWRAG meeting are now available.

The minutes of the recent GMWRAG meeting in Bolton are now available for download. These include a brief summary of the key points of the presentation from Maximus.

Contrary to the statement in these minutes that the Salford minutes were not available and will be circulated with the Bolton minutes… yes they were and no they won’t be! Punishments will be administered in due course 🙂

Can we remind members that our next meeting is now scheduled for June 2016 and is a return to Manchester. More details have already been posted and we’d like to thank those members who have already emailed to confirm their attendance. We will try and acknowledge these in due course and will forward them to Manchester as well. We are waiting to hear from Manchester as to whether this level of advance notification is really necessary and will report back accordingly.




The next (and future) GMWRAG meeting(s).

Now, GMWRAG members, please pay attention and listen very carefully. We shall say zis only once! Possibly.

A few years back we had to rejig the organisation of GMWRAG meetings thanks to the reality of public sector cuts decimating services in Manchester, Rochdale and Bolton. A core group of Salford, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford kindly agreed to rotate hosting meetings in order to ensure we could continue.

An unexpected but entirely welcome rejuvenated service in Oldham assisted with this aim but further service reviews and staffing changes in three of the first four above have meant that meetings over the past year have very much had to be organised “on the hoof” as services in the midst of being reviewed to death felt that hosting a meeting for a full day was a step to far in the midst of other stresses. We are very grateful to Stockport Advice, Salix Homes and Bolton at Home for stepping up at short notice to keep the show on the road.

GMWRAG fully appreciates this and so in a bid to provide some stability this year we are pleased to welcome an offer from Manchester to host our next meeting in June 2016. This pushes back meetings in Trafford and Tameside. It would be really helpful if all GMWRAG members could check out our meetings page and note these changes but if you can’t access the site in work then 2016 and 2017 currently look like this.

June 2016 – Manchester.

September 2016 – Trafford.

December 2016 – Tameside.

March 2017 – Oldham.

June 2017 – Stockport.

September 2017 – Salford.

December 2017 – Bolton.

All hosting members need to note these changes dates. There may yet be further date changes as none of us know what the remainder of 2016 will bring but we will try and avoid this if we possibly can. We will try and contact someone at each host in due course to firm all the above up but, if there are issues, it would help us if you “Contact GMWRAG” ASAP to let us know.

There will be a more specific post about the Manchester meeting imminently.

For those of you who periodically complain about the length of these posts, please remember not all members can access the site in their workplace, for a variety of reasons, so it is important that the posts contain what is elsewhere on the site.

Agenda for the Bolton GMWRAG meeting now available.

The agenda for the next GMWRAG meeting, which is being held in Bolton for the first time in 8 years, is now available for download. Our post on the 22nd of January 2016 gives you all the information you need to be able to attend the meeting.

We are very pleased to confirm that, as per our post on the 25th of February 2016 we have Mario Dunn as our speaker from Maximus. Fuller details are within the agenda.

We are aware some of you may be considering attending the NAWRA meeting on the same day in Derbyshire. What can we say? We’re easier to get to (probably even if you live in Derbyshire :)) and they don’t have a speaker from Maximus 🙂

We’ll see you there.

Speaker for the next GMWRAG meeting.

Following on from the announcement that GMWRAG will be returning to Bolton for the first time in 8 years we are pleased to announce that we have our 1st speaker. The full agenda will be sent out in due course, and there may yet be a 2nd speaker, but we wanted to give GMWRAG members as much advanced notice as possible as this is a new venue for the meeting.

At 10am we are pleased to announce we will be having a presentation from Mario Dunn, who is Director of Communications at the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments, which is of course run by Maximus. Mario will be with us for an hour and as well as the presentation there will be time within that for questions. It’s hard to imagine GMWRAG members won’t have questions! However, we have asked for there to be a focus on

You’ve got to admit it makes a change from pictures of council buildings and city centres! 🙂

Thanks are due especially to Martin Forsythe,  Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Manager at CHDA and our friends at Stockport Advice for making this happen.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

GMWRAG in 2016

The next GMWRAG meeting is due to take place in Tameside in January 2016. It can be taken as a given that, as the Salford meeting scheduled originally for October 2015 only took place in December 2015, then January is far too early into 2016 for our next meeting.

GMWRAG is also looking at revamping the schedule for 2016 as we’ve had a tentative offer to host a meeting in Bolton for the first time in 7 years and would like to explore that further before finalising the line-up for 2016. You can assume though that no GMWRAG meeting will take place in January 2016.

The current schedule can, as ever, be found on Our meetings page. You can infer from the above that this may be subject to change. More news as we have it.