JSA and ESA Hardship Payment Application Form

JSA and ESA Hardship Payment Application Form.

Another astonishingly hard to obtain form. Anyone would think they don’t want you to have it! The official line is that you can ask JobcentrePlus for this form once you’ve been sanctioned. We believe you shouldn’t have to ask and the information about the existence of hardship payments is often not given. So, here’s the form.

Please note the form has been protected by others to prevent you from printing it. It’s unfortunate but the easiest way around this is to screen shot each page i.e. hit “Print Screen” on your keyboard for each page as it’s in the centre of your screen. This copies the page. It can then be pasted into a blank Word document and printed from there. If you have an Apple device then you can open it in iBooks and screen shot in the usual way by pressing your Home and Power buttons at the same time. You knew that, didn’t you!

Hardship Payment Application Form.