Appealing your benefit decision.


If you have challenged your benefit decision via a mandatory reconsideration and still wish to challenge the decision further you will need to lodge an appeal. When you receive (what should be) two copies of your mandatory reconsideration decision you are advised of your right to appeal. You are NOT provided with a copy of the appeal form. Instead you’re advised of the web site you can go to in order to download the form. GMWRAG believes this is a major barrier to the appeals process so we’re making the appeal form available here on a permanent basis.

Download the SSCS1 appeal form.

Please note that the GL 24 appeal form was only valid for appeals on decisions made before the 28th of October 2013. HMCTS will not accept the GL 24 as an alternative to the SSCS1 form. Increasingly they will only accept appeals made on the SSCS1 form. We assume this is a consequence of appeals being absorbed into the Court Service who have a long tradition of insisting that applications can only be accepted if on the correct form.


The world of self-help grows ever larger but we’re starting with three of the best places for self-help resources. In no particular order:

CPAG Scotland Appeals Toolkit – this has some Scottish only content but is otherwise an excellent starting point.

Benefits and Work – a vast repository of useful resources for challenging your benefit decision.

Glasgow Appeals Pack – self-explanatory we hope.

NB: Organisations wanting bulk copies could, at the time of writing, email but individuals can ring the Tribunals Service directly if you’re unable to download from here. In the North West we currently believe the correct number to be 0300 123 1142.